Individual 3-3-3 Sport Stacking World Record 1.363 (William Orrell)

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He is William Orrell and these are his cups.

William Orrell starts the new sport stacking season the same way he ended the last – winning. The cross country running champion sprints toward Eatonton, Georgia to set two new world records at the 2nd Annual Putnam County Sport Stacking Tournament on 14 November 2015.

With the new Pro Series 2 whites, endorsed by William himself, the North Carolina native betters the previous 3-3-3 world record by 0.055 seconds. The current now stands at 1.363 seconds.

Not content with just one record, 16-year-old improves upon his own achievements by stacking 3-6-3 in just 1.793 seconds. William continues to sprint away from the competition, leaving a huge distance for the rest to catch up.

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