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Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 4.813 (William Orrell)

Jan 10, 2017 5.000 seconds. It was the third and final attempt of finals that William Orrell stacked that time. That time stood as the Cycle world record for nearly two years. After finishing that attempt, his teammates from Team USA did not know whether to celebrate that...

Individual 3-6-3 Sport Stacking World Record 1.786 (Josh Hainsel)

Jan 10, 2017 There is a new 3-6-3 world record holder and his name is not William Orrell. Josh Hainsel previously held the 3-6-3 world record at 1.840 seconds. William Orrell quickly overturned Josh’s eclipse and have set two world record in the process. Going...

A Game of Two Halves
Nov 11, 2016

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All Divisions
Event Gender Time Athlete
3-3-3 M Male 1.363 William Orrell
F Female 1.424 Si Eun Kim
3-6-3 M Male 1.786 Josh Hainsel
F Female 1.902 Si Eun Kim
Cycle M Male 4.813 William Orrell
F Female 5.397 Chu-Chun Yang
Doubles Time Athletes
Cycle CCombined 5.953 William Orrell & William Polly
Relay Time Team Name / Athletes
Timed 3-6-3 CCombined 12.212 FANTASTIC FOUR:
William Orrell
Zhewei Wu
Chandler Miller
William Polly

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호 고
Event Time Rank
3-3-3 1.655 74th
3-6-3 2.190 143rd
cycle 5.960 62nd
all-around 9.805 66th

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